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The Video Identity Project

Video is Trust.

It's 2021. The search is on for anyone who is truly TRUSTWORTHY. In an age of Deep Fakes & Click-baity titles, how does anyone know what they can trust?

Enter you.

YOU believe in your business. YOU are passionate about how you help people. YOU are inescapably authentic. And this authenticity can only be communicated in its truest form through video.

Ooh, you tensed up didn't you?

Because we all know we need to be creating powerful video content, but none of us want to be on camera. We've been there. There's a reason we're BEHIND the camera most of the time.

But we've discovered the intense, raw, beautiful freedom of looking those fears in the eye and saying "I'm in charge here."

So if you're ready to defy those voices and begin to leverage your own power through video -- let us know! Are you ready to get in the game?

Course Chapters

  • 1

    Welcome by Paige & Megan

    • Welcome to the Video Identity Project!!

  • 2

    Week 1: The Pre-Production Huddle

    • Mastering your Identity, Message & Voice

    • Client Avatar

    • Action Challenge #1

    • Falling in Love (with your Camera!)

  • 3

    Week 2: Time to Get Rolling

    • The Background Blueprint (setting up your studio)

    • Getting Started with Smartphone Videography

    • Getting Started with a DSLR

    • The Ultimate under $1,500 Video Gear Kit

  • 4

    Week 3: The 5 VIP Video Formulas

    • Introduction to the 5 VIP Video Formulas

    • VIP Formula #1: Streams vs. Style

    • VIP Formula #2: The 3-Floor Elevator Pitch

    • VIP Formula #3: Rapid-Fire Video Emails

    • VIP Formula #5: The Perfect Testimonial

    • VIP Formula #5: The Authority Builder

    • Bonus: The Authority Series Planner

    • Action Challenge #2

  • 5

    Week 4: Post & Posting Round-up

    • Intro to Editing

    • Basic Training using InShot to edit on your Phone!

    • Advanced Training using Adobe Premiere Rush!

    • Video Implementation Guidelines For Social Media

    • Action Challenge #3

  • 6

    CONGRATULATIONS! & When to bring in the BIG GUNS! (Hiring Videographers)

    • CONGRATULATIONS! & When to bring in the BIG GUNS! (Hiring Videographers)

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Invest in Your Business & Yourself.

The Video Identity Project exists not only for you to learn how to create better videos for your business, but also to help you over come imposter syndrome and start showing up as your authentic self for your businesses.

Your enrollment includes:

  • Lifetime access to 16 video lessons - $500+ value
  • Access to our private Facebook group for accountability and community - PRICELESS

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